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I cant wait to use it! I paid 23 after all said and done for the truck with the plow. It is the base model and had 58000 on it. Now it has exactly 80 on it. Today ive had it for two years. I wouldn't trade it for much else. I have $1400 in the insert 500 in suspension upgrade. A few hundred in a spreader and some maintenance costs prob around 1k. So i guess i have like 26 into it as it sits.
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Do you like the 5.4L Gasser? I am thinking of just staying with gas trucks with how expensvie diesel is and when you go into bigger gears gas milage sucks anyways.

I dont know much about diesel engines also which is a huge desiding factor when i can work on everything on a gas engine and half of the engine of a diesel i know nothing about.

I have been looking for awhile for a truck under 50k to put to work, we only put about 7-8k miles on work trucks per year, so with the right maintenance, a gasser should last 150k without any major issues. So thats about 12 years of life!

I narrowed it down to either buying a some sort of beat up 2000 f350 with low miles and fix it up, or finance a 2008/9/10 f350 and put it to work asap. I have one payment besides insurance right now and its so nice being mostly debt free, i hate payments, but dont got 25k laying around for a truck. I like my money in the bank!

How do you think your truck holds an insert? Whats the most you have had in it? I think if i get an insert i will either get a truckcraft alumnium insert(for the weight factor to have more payload) or an e-z dumper used online.

Or if i buy used put a aluminum flat bed with a hoist under it.

Too many desisions, Too little money

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