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11 hours and 40 minutes is only three minus (-) button "pushes" away from ZERO minutes. Someone (homeowner or maintenance personnel) is adjusting the controller that doesn't understand it. Start with zero minutes of run time. Press the minus key once =12 hours. Twice = 11:50 Three Times = 11:40 Just guessing here and not for sure but likely not the controller's fault. Run time from zero minutes to 2 hours adjusts in increments of 1 minute. After 2 hours the adjustments change to increments of 10 minutes. Therefore, going "backwards" from zero would only require pressing the minus button 3 times to reach 11:40.

See what the other guys say here. This is just my experience in tech support and it is a somewhat common question. Good luck. Might try setting up one of those "Deer Cams" to catch the culprit. Can't believe I said that.
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