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Wow, looks like I am the third guy coming to the Pitt area. I had a few questions too. I am planning on doing lawns and trees as I do now here in Austin Texas, but was wanting to get into snow blowing for the winter, any of you guys do this? We are looking at the Butler area to move to, is this a nice area for yard work? Also, how long is the mowing season up there? Down here it is May to Nov or so, but it can slow down in July and Aug do to drought. I too will be getting insured and doing everything right, this being said, what is a fair price for the average lawn up there? Down here I would say it is 30-40, but there is always a illegal alien who will do lawns for half this! And when customers see my price they say, "the last guy did it for half that", which I would always reply "then call him". But they couldn't because he was usually out of business.
Thanks for any advice.
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