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Originally Posted by Crimson Lawn View Post
We offer, Lawn Service(cut,trim,edge,blow), Hedge trimming, mulching/rocking, fertilizing(sub-out), snow removal, irrigation start-up,adjustment and blow out, pressure washing of decks and concrete, weekly/eow or once a month bed maint, seasonal color change, winter pruning, vertislice, overseed, areate. We inform and recommend what we think, give them a price per activity, total it up and / by 12. We do not do credit or debit, we take cash,check or a lot of our customers set us up on their on line bank bill pay with it being automaticly paid to us once a month.
An example would be Mrs. Smith;
Widow, Fixed Income with a retirement.
30 Cuts @ $35.00(small yard) = $1050
2 Hedge Trimmings @ $75 EA = $150
5 Ferts @ $52.50 EA = $262.50
1 Dormant Seeding @ $225 = $225
3 Snow Removals @ $35 EA = $105
Total $1792.50 / 12 =149.375
Now you can move the #'s to get an even $150 a month or Make it $149 even. We offer a 10% discount if someone wants to pay in full for the year.
Thanks for the advice and it is getting better day by day. Fires aren't anywhere close to where I live though.

I am trying to find out the going rate but most people here aren't offering what I am offering in terms of full lawn maintenance all year round (includes ferts, mowing, flower bed maintenance, aeration, hedging, etc.) with pressure washing, car washing, year round litter pick up, etc. I am offering the entire full maintenance service for the entire outdoors. Also no companies are marketing a full maintenance service. I think I might have a USP in this market down here. I am going to be hiring out the work and doing the business end of things so I am aiming to charge enough to make a 23% gross profit.
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