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I'm not trying to criticize you at all, just trying to help you see that there is a real business side to this, why would you want to leave money on the table when it's there to be had? I know there are a lot of guys on here that just want to do this as a hobby, which is fine. But if your trying to actually make a living? ARE YOU? then you want to treat this like a true business. I would rather see you succeed than get into this and make crtitical errors and end up having to throw the towel in and end up doing something you really don't like. I say this because I have been down that exact road.I don't mean to come off like the GURU of landscapers, certainly I am not, but I have learned quite a bit and really like to see people succeed. As much as this industry gets a bad rap, I have found that it's really a great opportunity for the avg guy to truly build something he can be proud of. Done right you can really have a solid business that can bring you a lot of pride and enjoyment. I love reading all the post about guys that have went from basically nothing to a successful fulltime business, it just shows that IT CAN BE DONE. Sorry if I came at you wrong, we all have to be careful about how we interpet someone's post on here, it's hard to realize someones intent sometimes, another lesson I've learned over the years. It's great that you've gained some clients,one of my favorite sayings I learned from one of my teachers, "Always keep on keepin on"
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