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Originally Posted by BigFish View Post
That ain't no wheel motor! You do know the difference, right???
First off you need to find out what the problem is. Is is just a bad seal, or is it one bad bearing busting the seal or is all the bearings (most of the motors have multiple bearings) , etc etc.

Once you figured out the what needs to be replaced, then you go to the Toro website and find the part of the website where you pull up Toro Dingo parts and operator manuals. Then you enter your model number and serial number and at the bottom of the page is a pdf file on the parker and ross motors. You have to go in there to find out the part numbers for the things inside that motor that need to be replaced.

After you got the numbers you need to find a Parker and Ross dealer to get you the parts. Toro Dingo dealers can not get these parts through Toro, you have to find a Parker and Ross dealer. and then you have to find a Parker and Ross dealer that will call you back (thats the fun part)

With all the BS you have to go through to fix these motors sometimes its just easier to buy a brand new one and slap it in
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