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Originally Posted by Kiril View Post
Soil structure as in how it applies to infiltration, water holding capacity, root depth & density, percolation, gas exchange .... all of which are important with respect to health of the plant, the soil and management aspects of the system.
It sounds like you're talking more about soil texture and bulk density than about structure. Remember, structure is only the tendency for soil particles to stick together and form peds. Water and air flow moves easily between the peds, but not the same within the peds. This is why core aeration is often used in managed turf systems -- to correct for the inefficiencies of natural structure formation.

Remember, I'm not saying that the channels of preferrential flow created by aggregated soil particles are bad or don't have any positive impact. I understand their role in water relations and gas exchange.

But, there are guys here talking about creating structure and citing production ag articles, which have a totally different use for soil structure than turf systems. In that case, why not go back to the old 1950s method of dumping earthworms on lawns? Oh yeah -- it didn't improve lawns (although it did improve soil structure).
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