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I switcched to real green systems 18 months ago and I have been impressed. At the time I think I was small enough that a transition wouldnt be bad but it had to be a software that I could grow with also. Im glad I did it. it is one of the pricer programs. Looking at seeral posts this is one software that does integrate alot. Scheduling, credit cards, billing, QB Sync, Mobile apps, Client Portal,
And the company does so much more. Right now anytime one of my clients are 40 days past due it alerts and real green has someone from there office mail a reminder. Its one more thing I dont have to worry about.
The thing that gained my interest at the begining was the scan tool. Just like the supermarket when the guys get back at the end of the day they have a route list and next to each customer is a barcode and you simply scan it in and billing is done
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