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Originally Posted by MDLawn View Post
Ridiculous is a little harsh. I think the problem lies within what people want to do. Some just love to ride a lawn mower, work outside, and drive their truck, nothing wrong with that.

Others have a different mindset. I think both have a joy for working outdoors and landscaping in general. But the other person starts to view that they want to run their business rather than be in it. Just like Sean is showing its hard to wear every hat and be successful at it. It's not really a time management thing. Are you saying you wouldnt answer your phone because you're working in the field? Missing calls is missing out on opportunities. People want INSTANT responses these days, not answering machines. Maybe you can generate enough money to have a crew and take a modest salary but now you have time to completely devote to sales to increase your business. But again maybe the first person wants roughly 40 customers and just do all the work themselves with a part time helper here and there. Again nothing wrong with that. That means you do the actual work, billing on nights and weekends, running estimates nights and weekends, fixing things nights and weekends, etc...

Not sure if you have a family of your own but the last thing I want to do anymore are those things when my kids want me to play. I've learned this in the most odd way though. I currently do this stuff part time. My full time allows much freedom in the summers but I'm not only wearing a full time job hat but the rest of the above. Right now I'd rather pay someone else to do the work and just take a smaller cut and focus on the sales and other business odds and ends. A good boss doesn't sit at home a play on lawnsite. They are fully immersed in the workings of the business, just not at the laborer level...... But again some desire to just be solo, not a problem.
Very well said...
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