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Originally Posted by Kiril View Post
No, I am talking about soil structure. Certainly you aren't suggesting here that soil structure does not impact what I listed? If you are you might what to do some more research before replying.
I didn't say that soil structure doesn't influence what you listed (though there are a couple of exceptions). Please read my post.

Understand that soil structure (by definition) only impacts preferrential flow -- macropore flow. Water holding capacity is not influenced as much by soil structure (as long as pore space is available), since structured soils channel water away from peds. Infiltration, some gas exchange (though not all) and some root depth (though not all) are influenced by structure.

But, that's not the issue. For those guys who are barking about building soil structure, how do you accomplish that?

For the most part, the structure you're given is the structure you are stuck with. You can influence it by OM additions, the most efficient and effective of which is helathy turf growth and core aeration.

It seems like you guys are hung up on minutia and are missing the main points.
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