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Originally Posted by Skipster View Post
I didn't say that soil structure doesn't influence what you listed (though there are a couple of exceptions). Please read my post.
I did ....
Originally Posted by Skipster View Post
It sounds like you're talking more about soil texture and bulk density than about structure.

Originally Posted by Skipster View Post
Understand that soil structure (by definition) only impacts preferrential flow -- macropore flow. Water holding capacity is not influenced as much by soil structure (as long as pore space is available), since structured soils channel water away from peds. Infiltration, some gas exchange (though not all) and some root depth (though not all) are influenced by structure.
There are exceptions to everything, and I disagree soil structure only impacts preferential flow. Understand that soil structure "by definition" states nothing about preferential flow nor can one derive potential water flow characteristics from the definition.
The combination or arrangement of primary soil particles into secondary units or peds. The secondary units are characterized on the basis of size, shape, and grade (degree of distinctness).
Originally Posted by Skipster View Post
It seems like you guys are hung up on minutia and are missing the main points.
You stated soil structure is not important in turf, and I disagreed. That was followed with some research on your part and realization that soil structure is indeed important. So I guess thanks for clearing up your previously erroneous statement.
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