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Originally Posted by grandview (2006) View Post
So my question is ,do you charge based on the lawn,the value of the house or the net worth of the owner?[/

How do you figure the net worth of the owner
If you know who lives there and know how much he's worth ,do you feel that you should charge more?
Originally Posted by orangemower View Post
My prices are based off of what my business needs to make and what profit I want to take in. If a job costs 1K to do, it cost 1K. Doesn't matter to me who has the money, the biggest house or the most money, as long as they have it when the job is done so I can get paid, I'm happy.
True,but you see a lot of guys here saying they want to deal with homes over a certain amount.Doesn't mean your going to make more.
Originally Posted by AI Inc View Post
First house here would be $650 , second one 1.8 mil
Both houses,about 800k
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