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Originally Posted by Skipster View Post

I said that soil structure is not *THAT* important in turf -- meaning that soil structure has less impact on turf management than many other factors. Nothing is erroneous and nothing has been backtracked.
Actually you said .....
Originally Posted by Skipster View Post
Soil structure isn't that important to growing a lawn, unless th esoil is a structureless solid mass.
I think it is quite clear what the statement says .... but then I suppose you will want to argue that soil structure isn't "that" important by listing the specific management differences between a "structureless solid mass" and a well structured soil. Perhaps you will choose specific essentially irrelevant examples in an attempt to justify your statement.

Or, you might start with discussing impacts (or lack thereof) on soil and plant health, with specific reference to soil fauna and their impact on soil formation. You could also discuss impacts (or lack thereof) on irrigation & water management, soil fertility & nutrient management, and pest management. Certainly if you can show little to no impact on these factors as a result of differences in soil structure then you might begin to demonstrate how soil structure is not "that" important. I wish you luck.

Originally Posted by Skipster View Post
But, I'll take that as an apology for you not understanding the role of soil structure in turfgrass systems.
Hmmmm .... projecting.

Originally Posted by Skipster View Post
Apology accepted.
Yes, I do accept your apology.
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