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Originally Posted by Schrock Lawns View Post
Originally Posted by 711SnoPro View Post
Figure out your total cost per hour. That includes fuel, maintenance, depreciation ($ towards a future replacement machine), operator pay, etc.

With the skid steer and pusher I use for snow it's 85/hour with the minimum time charged depending on several things but typically one to two hour minimum. I wouldn't personally run for anything less than 85/hr, though you will be competing with billybobs excavating with their pos 1985 bobcat that they charge by the case of beer for. your operating costs will be higher with tracks and undercarriages as I've found doing research and with a few friends that have mtls and ctls. Don't know how much research you've done on your costs.

I wouldn't think of pulling either of those machines with a half ton. The trailer required alone is IMO too much for a half ton pickup. Let alone with a 9-11k CTL on it
the truck rated for 6500 i believe towing ive towed about 7k and had problay about 2 k or river rock in the bed itll be overloaded for now but it should work for the short time ill be using it to tow for
rated for 6500 means trailer and all. But if you wanna deal with DOT you go ahead and over load that 1500.
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