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Its also going to depend on your meaning of bed edging and other terms.
Do you mean bed edging after its trenched? With a string trimmer, I can probably bed edge 75 ft in a minute. If you mean trenching, well, then with the Brown I can do 20 ft a minute and with the echo handheld, I can do about 5 ft min.

I have a formula for calculating how many sq ft I can cut in an hour with a particular mower, but I can't find it at the moment. Ive posted it on here before, so you may be able to find it that way.

Mulch depends on the people. I can usually get 2 people to do 2 yards each per hour, but that depends on how far to haul it, time of day, day of week,temperature,etc.

I guess what Im trying to say, you will never get any more than kinda close.
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