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Startron Mystery

I put some Startron (for the first time) in my 2-mix gas can along with fresh gas/oil. All ratios were proper for my equipment. I filled my blower with this mix, and not 2 minutes later, the blower dies with a lingering white smoke coming out of the muffler. it was not the bluish-white associated with 2-cycle oil, but rather white with a hint of light gray. It was also very, very hot. It would not restart.
So, back to my shop I go to investigate the problem. My first thought was that the Startron broke up all the carbon deposits inside the engine and other various parts. Great.
I proceed to do the following: Take muffler off/disassemble and clean thoroughly (all pieces). Take carb off/disassemble and clean thoroughly. Clean air filter (didn't really need it). Clean all seals. Put everything back together.......
I get it to start. it runs for 2 or three seconds, and then dies. it will not restart. The fuel at the pump was labeled as containing "up to 10% ethanol". My thoughts now are that the engine is all clogged up with deposits that have loosened due to the Startron. What do you all think?

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