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Why don't people mind their own dang business

My company maintains a hand full of foreclosed homes in a high end country club golf community. Well today we went by and pruned the crape myrtles at all the homes, stacked all the limbs up in the driveways so that our other truck could come by and quickly load up the debris. I didn't even make it back to the shop when the Hoa lady is calling me saying that a neighbor called in and complained that we didn't finish the job and left the homes a mess. Really? Does this neighbor know my schedule? Does she know our process of handling properties? She assumed we just wacked everything down and just hauled ass! The Hoa lady totally understood, and was concerned that maybe another neighbor had took it upon themselves to trim the trees. She said it was no problem and just carry on as normal. But I can't believe people are so bored and sit around looking thru their blinds trying to find something to gripe about
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