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Fastpac update 01/23/13

Man I'm not a happy camper with this unit.

June 2012 bought. Wand crapped out (see previous post)

8/30/12 I sent this unit back because it developed a leak somewhere on the pump. Returned & seemed fine. No details what was done. No charge.

1/20/13 Pump started sounding a bit funny. A couple of times it wouldn't build up pressure all the way. Figured I'd complete the job this week & send it in.
1/23/13 Pump quits with a not-so-good burnt electrical smell. Cover housing for pump was very warm when I took the backpack off to check.

I'm still on the original warranty plus purchased the extended when I bought it. So there shouldn't be any charge again.
This unit has been babied, getting a thorough rinse & flush at the end of each days use & stored in the shop. It's only job is Gly apps in/around mulch beds every 6 weeks.
Maybe I just got a f'n dud, I dunno. I will be asking for some details on what they do though so that I may keep a better record...

Man I've got a few $89 home depot Solo's that are 6+ years old and haven't seen a drop of clean rinse water that are still performing like new. Original wands and all. Cranking that g'damn handle for several days at a time kills me though.
After this pump failure I can't recommend a Fastpac.
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