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Which engine would you suggest on new 60 inch exmark

Hey everyone. I am in the market for a new mower this year. I have been using exmarks for a number of years and love them. I have always bought used and never payed much attention to engine type. I have ran kohler and kawasaki both for years. I have always put the same hours, same jobs, etc on them.

Being that I am buying my first new machine this year I was not sure which engine is more preferred. I am going with the x-series for sure and I am thinking the 27 kohler or 29 kawasaki. I do not know if that big 34 is really needed. Also, I have never ran EFI so I wanted to know those experiences as well.

Any feed back would be greatly appreciated as the salesman says its whatever guys like to run which doesn't tell me much. Thanks
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