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Originally Posted by D C View Post
Not sure what an engine builder would get for a rebuild, but as a DIYer, the difference in cost between a rebuild and a new FH680V is enormous. Looks like a rebuild should be able to be done for <$300 parts & labor for a moderate amount of machining, if required. Of course, if the crank or rods are toast, that goes up quickly and changes the cost/benefit ratio. If it came to that, and as bad as the Kaws are, I think I'd buy 2 lesser-model Kohler or Briggs engines for the same $$ and call myself ahead in the long run.
The going rate for rebuilding a Kawasaki twin cyl is 8 to 10 hours at shop labor rate parts..
That includes machine work and a 90 day warranty on parts and labor...
Oversizing the cylinders or grinding the crank are generally not worth the time you add the extra parts and labor involved...
Don't forget about the sales taxes. They add up quick when you get near $1000...
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