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it's none of their business. all they have to worry about is their own yard. if they don't own the yard you are working on then their opinion or whatever they have to say about it counts for nothing. it's not up for their approval. the only yard they have a say on is their own yard.

i wish people in this country would just get off it already and stop trying to control everyone else. all they can control is themselves. they can't worry about what every tom, dick, and harry is doing in their neighborhood or their town or country or whatever. nosey control freaks if you ask me.

we live in a free country. if they don't like something they can move out of the neighborhood or go buy a place out in the country where they won't have any neighbors or foreclosed homes to deal with. i had a neighbor once that was a rental house. they never cut their grass. maybe 2 times all year. sure it looked a mess but oh well it's none of my business. i just took care of my yard. that's all i can control. my house sold within a month of putting it up for sale. it didn't affect my house value at all. if people wanna live like trash then let them. they have that right.

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