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Originally Posted by xclusive View Post
Not tryin to put your post down as it is a very good one, but I was one of the first people that did EDDM with plan-it graphics last year and I can tell you this your 1.5 - 3.0% ROI is high. Also keep in mind with doing EDDM there is a lot more paperwork to do prior to taking it to the post office. I know when I spoke to Bob he said if he bundled it shipping costs would be higher because it requires more boxes for shipment.
No problem. The shipping charges from bob were with the bundles.(from California, not Ohio) I talked to him on the phone for awhile as well. I have not yet been to the post office but have filled out the online forms and have a meeting tomorrow with the post office. The 1.5-3% is extremely high.two years ago I did 5000 once, and got .90% roi, last year we did 10,000(5000 twice) and got a return if 1.3% which I was very happy with. This year I am shooting for 300 calls within the first month, and 100-150 thought the next 3 month after. So 1.5-3%!!

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