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Originally Posted by LawnMastersTx View Post
We have a wide range of issues during the night. With 74,000 people on a given day there were broken heads/nozzles. I remember one day testing a zone and watching a student ram his bike into an active head with me standing 15 feet away. I asked him what was going on and he gave me a blank stare. We also have people stealing our nozzles, we use the MP's. Contractors are constantly hitting lines during the day. We also have valves that are over 50 years old still being used so our new system is catching valves that are either sticking on or very slow to turn off.

We have full input on selecting what was going in on campus. At first we were leading towards Rain Master, but once we saw the capabilities of Calsense, we decided on them.

I enjoy the Calsense system and being able to work with it every day. I am a data cruncher and the system gives me plenty of that and reports that I can easily understand. It has helped us discuss the idea with the city on instead of limiting us on the amount of days to water but to give us a budget based off square footage. We have just completed our first year of the trial program and the campus is green with a reduction of overall water use by 51-66% across campus.

The University of Texas does not endorse any product and my views on the materials used are of my own and not from the University.
The way your post sounds, you are the big Kahuna at UT so why do contractors dig your stuff up daily?

Put a stop to that by surveying the campus and creating limits.
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