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on site fuel

I did a search but didn't seem to find anything. I stumbled on a 150 gal fuel tank local to me, with a crank pump for 200 bucks. The company I use to get propane for my heating system also delivers reg, unleaded. I didn't call them yet to get a current price, cause they're closed at the moment. But it's gonna bug me until I get an answer. For those of you who use a tank on site, is it for cost saving measures or more for convenience. I have no idea what the zoning regs say for my place, but I'm zoned agricultural/light residential so I doubt a small 150 gal tank would be an issue. I'm a solo operation so 150 gallons outta last me awhile for just equipment but I guess I could use it in the boat and truck too if it starts getting old.

Also, do most supplies sell "off road" gasoline like they do for diesel? I'f I can save the road tax per gallon, and get a bulk fuel rate per gallon, I'd be stupid not get this set up.....Thoughts?
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