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The reason I am using commission rather then by the hour is because of limited start up money. I have leveraged this technique into my start-up's favour so we don't have to spend large amounts on start up marketing. I am spending next to nothing on getting this distribution project set up to be honest. It is a much better deal on a money side of things and on a number of homes side of things when being compared to hiring a distribution company or paying people by the hour. This is basically the same as hiring door to door salesmen on commission except these are just distributors.

How could this be a bad way of starting up when I :
1. Target more homes in my demographic.
2. Extremely Cost Efficient.

Plus we already have 15 people ready to go and yes they do know the amount they are getting paid.

Our door hanger's are great with design, copy, call to action, risk free, etc. The same goes for the website. It is all designed for this demographic and all I am doing is targeting a large amount of homes with this leverage technique.

I'm just wondering any multiple ways of getting more people rather then job sites? Thanks!
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