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Originally Posted by cmos123 View Post
I got out of the lawn business for a year and I am looking to get back in. I was at Home Cheapo looking at their Echo trimmers, (the only thing with a engine I have ever bought there) and I noticed the Toro power head for $120. The reviews are outstanding, and it states on Home Depots web site that it has a commercial engine, a 25.4 cc to be exact. Now the troubling issues, I cannot find this tool on Toros website, nor can I find Toro made attachments, it says you can use Craftsman, Ryobi or a couple other brands for the attachments. Does anyone actually know anything about this product, I know everyone will say its junk just because its Home Depot and not an Echo, shindaiwa, or Stihl, but it would be great if someone has actually used it.
Here's something that should help you, Toro doesn't "make" any 2 cycle equipment... and if I'm going to help you further, I should also let you know that the reason all those other cheap brand attachments will fit it, is because the current "Toro" gas hand held stuff is made by TTI aka Homelite.
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