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Originally Posted by jbturf View Post
im not spraying ferts or wp, just liquid herbi and insect-- the oem strainer is attached to the oem spray pump, so unless the solution is going thru the main oem pump, it would not be strained b4 going thru my agitate pump--- i was considering the check valve for the connection where i T into the main suction line, though not sure i need to using diaphram pumps--

are you suggesting the draw on the main suction line will b to great with both pumps operating?
Yes. Thats what I'm thinking. If you're just running liquid weed control and some insect control forget about it. Truth is jet agitation is a myth in my opinion and I don't think you should have an issue. I get very little agitation per say from my z max and or my 300 gallon sprayer. You do need pressure relief and regulation however.
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