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Originally Posted by Swampy View Post
The thing I learned is that you won't get rich in this business, but "wealth" can be measured in other forms than money. I got into a funk last year, after I found out in actuality the amount I was making a month to how much I was working, I nearly punked and everytime I went out to cut grass it was the same feeling, every minute I'd be servicing equipment. I did feel that "funk" towards the end of the first year but it was at the time pack everything away for the winter.

Thanks rick I'll take that to heart. Face time is always great.
There are a lot of very wealthy LCO's on this thread alone. But to go out the first year and expect to be rolling in the dough and living lavishly is part of the reason you got in the funk. These types of businesses are built by busting your a$$ and putting your heart and sole into it. Eventually, years down the road and if it is run correctly, it pays off. The time frame is different for everyone, it's all a matter of making a plan and following it. Also, find out what your overhead is and your cost to operate. That will help you to bid jobs more accurately and they will actually be profitable.

Good luck to you, heres to hoping for a better 2013
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