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Originally Posted by rob7233 View Post
Here are some of my thoughts. If you have been using E10 (Ethanol) gas then you might want to remember that Alcohol (Ethanol) in itself is a very good cleaner. From what I understand is that with older engine that have not used E10, the risk of letting loose some debris/deposits is high at the time of recent use. After some point in time with E10 use, whatever is going to come loose already has.

Try to tell us more detail about the engine and how long have you had it?
As I understand it...and I may be wrong...???
Startron converts any water in the fuel into a burnable alcohol that mixes in with the fuel..
If there was higher than normal amount of water already absorbed into the fuel when you pumped it in your would have resulted in a leaner fuel with a higher alcohol content.
Sounds like you smoked the piston ...were there any scratches visable on the piston when you had the muffler off..??? response to your signature....
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