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Originally Posted by TurfNut View Post
My Experience with Holganix

I went to the seminar in 2011 and listened to the presentation. Overall I would say I have an above average knowledge in soil science. I was not real impressed on their unique selling position of save the world with our product, and by the way you can add pre-m,merit,talstar,3way, etc.

I did get a quart sample to try out at my home for my landscaping plants. This was enough to treat my beds about 3 times at 6-oz/1000. My plants are well maintained and was difficult to see a big improvement. However, I do feel that all the good mychorrhizae and bacterias did help suppress disease.

For the cost and the fact it needs to sit shotgun next to my beer in fridge, I never ordered.

I had good success in 2012 with, Bills ICT product on some postage stamp lawns in one developement. Liked his product it was a compact kit and could just sit on my shelf in shop. I used the ICT in a hybrid granular/liquid program and did very well considering the drought. Also my cost per k was half of Holganix

So it sounds as though the main ingredient to Holganix, is the bacteria, which is no different than the bacteria in a lot of other mixes... The second most important ingredient is the sales pitch, which includes propaganda about bacteria inhibitors in other fertilizers???

I got no response to the UMAXX and UFLEXX question... Since a healthy supply of microbes are necessary for plants to consume the nutrients that are in the soil, one would expect that the long term goal would be to build the soil, with sustainable populations...
Now that I know that clay's texture(platelets) has nothing to do with water infiltration, percolation, or drainage
,,, I wonder what does...
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