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Originally Posted by Toro 455 View Post
That's what the letter in front of me says. To quote it goes like this:

""Our company has recently merged with CPG International. As a result we are undergoing a cost reduction program. As part of this program, we are examining all of our expenditures and analizing each of our strategic vendor relationships to identify opportunities for improvement.

Our relationship with you has been identified in this process and is currently under review. We request that you reduce pricing by 5% on all future transactions."

Would you go for it? I did! E-mailed them back today with an "OK I'll do it."

I figure 95% of something is a heck of a lot better than nothing!

Are you seeing request like this?
Not being nosy, but what is the final cost you'll be out for giving the 5% break? $50 $100 bucks? Just make it back up somewhere else with them...
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