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Originally Posted by CL&T View Post
The difference between what you are doing and door to door sales is that the sales person sells to the customer and signs them up. So right then and there they know they have made a sale. With your system they have to take your word for it.

But I see another problem.

I read your other topics and I see that you are only 17. Legal age is at least 18. You can't enter into any contract until you are either 18 or 21 depending. So you couldnt even buy a car without mommy or daddy. More to the point, what will your affluent customers think when they hear there is a little wizzard behind the curtain in charge of everything that they couldn't even sue when things go wrong?

Damn right I hate BS artists that con people into making them money. If you want to get into this business buy some equipment and get your ass out there and do the work yourself. THATS how you run a business dude.
Actually I turn 18 in 3 weeks but thanks for the heads up anyways!

Anyways, I am not holding a damn gun to their heads and telling them to take the job. I am laying out EVERYTHING in front of them and making this company as transparent as possible. That's why I posted this thread to install maximum trust within them and the company. Oh and by the way, we have 20 people now. Just 5 more to go and we start in 2-3 weeks

Regarding my age and customers, since when will my affluent customers care about my age? Their attitude towards property maintenance services is to get the job done with pure quality. They will care about their SERVICEMEN and not the damn owner. Do you care that the gas/oil you buy is flipped or sold by some arabian prince in some distant land? Nah. SUEING me? Already your assuming that? I am focusing on hiring the most qualified people for the job and installing insurance into the company. (Hence, I am turning 18 in 3 weeks)

Regarding your take on how to run a business

"You don't have to be an expert in the airline industry to be successful in the airline industry." - Richard Branson, Multi-Billionaire and Owner of Over 400 Companies.

Your telling me that its not possible to set up a business, launch a great marketing campaign, get a lot of customers... BUT WAIT. I have to do the work myself? Okay, why don't you go and tell that to the most successful companies out there or all the multi millionaires/billionaires?

I GUESS in your logic, we should all be sole proprietors and forgetting about EVER growing our businesses to the point that we hire out and create a better lifestyle for ourselves with MONEY. Not that i have anything against people who are okay with being sole proprietors.. we are all different and have different goals. I happen to want to have a more luxurious and entreprenurial lifestyle for myself rather then doing the labour work. Like I said before.. work smart, NOT hard is my motto. Looks like yours is the complete opposite of that.

Nothing wrong with that at all.. just your opinion and I respect that. Just don't ever try to commit one of the biggest sins in the world, and that is: Trying to PUSH your beliefs on others.
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