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Originally Posted by 1idejim View Post
I can understand that you are the head of your dept. and not the entire campus but many facilities have a constant stream of ongoing projects which they are able to manage without having the damage that you speak of. I believe that you should crunch some damage prevention data, present it to your boss's. There is no excuse for constant damage to the facilities infrastructure. You should not tolarate reckless damage in your areas of responsability.

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I agree with you whole hearty on not tolerating their reckless damage on campus. We bill the contractors for any damage done and do our best to keep an eye on them. It would be nice if we could go after repeat offenders with a citation for willful destruction of University property, well I may try that on a certain delivery company.

The offer to visit the campus is open to any of you guys. We hope to give a tour during IA this year since it will be in Austin. I am open to criticism and input, I am not prideful to think that I know everything out there.
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