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if you cut small yards and use 21" pushmowers or walkbehinds then using just a truck would be the best way to go. it will save you alot of gas money year to year not hauling a trailer around. it's also easier to find places to park and such. there's times all i use is my truck like when doing a mulch job or doing a small lot that's kindof out of the way of my normal route. i just go home unhook the trailer and then put the 21" mower in the back and go. i also do estimates without my trailer hooked up and various tasks like that. i carry my stuff like this pic. i have and edger in there now too. if i put my 21" mower in there i just move the trimmer and edger a lil bit and put the mower right in the middle sortof at an angle so it doesn't move around.

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