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Originally Posted by Grzube View Post
I have a question for you guys who operate from only a pick-up. If you were to hook up a small enclosed trailer, 6x12 single axle, the first thing would be is to cover the trailer with logo's (free advertising), then all equipment stays dry and safe from being stolen, and looks proffesional. Now for the extra cost-Trailer-$2500, logo's-$350, insurance-$300, extra gas-$ depends on distance, say 20% more.I personally think it would be better to operate like this, just the advertising and proffesional look will pay off in a season or two.Just my opinion, and saying it from experience!
I use a full size truck and trailer...with that said I think a small pickup outfit can still look just as professional. Look at (he doesn't have pics) he uses primarily Ranger style pickups and runs them out of a modified bed. His business is huge! In 2005 he had over 2K customers over a million in sales. He built that in 7 years. I'm betting he's more than triple that now.
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