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Originally Posted by AGLA View Post
Just download an Ap.

The best experience you can get is by working for a long time for others who are very good at what they do. These days too many people go into business and then try to learn. It is not impossible, but ..... all of the things we see that we can't believe someone got paid to do are the proof that it often does not work out.

Apprentice is no longer in the dictionary, it seems.
This brings up the point about any employee who is great at his job, who gets frustrated as he knows he is making the boss the money. So then he quits to start his own business. He is the best at his work, say he is a trim carpenter. Well he is now on his own to make the money for himself - but he can't get clients and doesn't know how to use a computer to run a business, etc. So eventually his business fails and he goes back to work for his old boss.

Then there are the guys who just happen to be good at business. They might not know jack about how to install crown molding, but they can line up the job and the next 10 jobs and balance the cash flow and remain profitable, etc. And they will hire the employee above to do reputable work for his company.

Everyone has to find the balance between working with someone else for a few years, then starting a business while they are still continuing to learn.
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