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Lawn service questions

So I have a lawn service business. I do all the basic yardwork. I do lawnmowing, bushtrimming, flowerbed edging, snow plowing, and all the basic yardwork. I was super busy last year and managed to make 50k with one truck and 1 or 2 people helping me. Problem is I worked 70 to 80 hours from March through October by the time I am done doing everything. I would be so tired by the weekend I would struggle to enjoy it. My life is hell during the non winter months. I feel like I should charge more but am afraid of losing business with the market and economy being bad. So I guess my question is how do other successful landscape businesses price things without losing business? How much should be expected to gross running a truck with 2 workers if you do a 40 hour week? Normally on hourly work I charge $30-$35 an hour for me working and $15 for each guy that I pay $10 an hour. I know big outfits charge $40 a manhour. I am scared to try it. I had 80 lawns in my town most average to small yards that I got $25 for. The money is good but my life is hell. Slowly raise prices and feel people out is the only idea I have. Should I try to get into brick jobs? Is there more money in that if you are good at it? Thoughts, comments, and opinions are welcomed.
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