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Originally Posted by d.klas View Post
I like the operation better on the Ferris because:

The handle bars on the Ferris are in a more comfortable spot which allows the arms to be down naturally which eliminates the possibility for back/ shoulder pain.

I've ran this ferris for going on 3 years now and its been a great investment and I do use to have back pain and this machine has not caused any pains.... and its a hell of a lawn cutter and is really low on maintenance costs.

Its a little bit more money but you get what you pay for and at the end of the day you want to be cutting more grass and making more money with less hassle.
I'm curious about your height and whether a Ferris favors a taller or shorter operator in your opinion.

What size deck are you using and are you primarily 1) mulching, 2) side-discharging and/or 3) bagging? How well does it do the first 2? What size engine are you running? Is it a KAW?
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