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Originally Posted by LawnMastersTx View Post
The problem that we have with contractors is that there are so many of them working around campus we are unable to track them all in my department. We rarely receive notice of work being performed on campus if it will take a day to complete. We usually find out work has been done when I receive an alert of a break. Also the heavy equipment on campus due to all the construction. A semi delivering material to a site goes over the curb and crushes a 3/4 inch line, natural gas leak testers drill a hole in concrete parking lot and happen to drill right through our wires in a sleeve, contractor parking in the grass by a project (without landscape permission), I can keep going with stories and that is just with contractors, not including students, tailgaters, drunks, homeless people......

Next time you are in town let me know and I will give you a tour of the campus irrigation. We have a few things on campus that you will never see anywhere else.
I plead the 5th. Just kidding, as an installer it is always interesting to watch my guys when a contractor drives his shinny truck/tractor/etc. over brand new irrigation work. You can see the guys deflate, especially when the mainlines are 3"+. Truth be told, if the system is installed per spec, the irrigation pipe should have 18" cover, and 6" of select fill over pipe. That would keep trucks, etc from braking pipes.
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