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When I was looking for my mower I was on the fence over the Ferris and the Hustler. These two were the only manufacturers that offered such easy height adjustment. Hustler has the lever that raises and lowers the deck while Ferris offers the screw gear.

The reason I chose Hustler was due to the controls. I also liked the Z controls on Bobcat and the Pro-V controls on the Scag but neither offered the deck height adjustability. The Ferris has pistol grips and in my experience hand fatigue is an issue. I have never had hand fatigue with the Hustler.

I am not brand loyal. There are things I don't like about the Hustler. If you do a side by side comparison the Ferris has a bigger engine, gas tank, and transmission. Hustler has a sturdier deck and a better warranty.

If it was possible I am sure we all have designs we like and dislike about our current mowers and it would be great to mix and match to build our perfect mower. Since I am not a mechanical engineer and do not have a blank check backing me I, like many on here have to choose the best to suit our needs and we may have to compromise on some things. The two things that I refused to compromise on were deck height adjustment and non pistol grip so the only manufacture that fit those needs was Hustler.

The best thing for everyone to do is go check mowers out, put your hands on them, test them. See how they fit you and what kind of comfort you feel while in the operator position. There is no perfect mower for every condition or every person. You have to find out what works best for you and use it.
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