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I rather do something like that too, I hate dealing with the computer during the day, but with gopher software it seems about the easiest way to print off invoices for my lawn application customers because of all the info i have to put in there. I'm getting faster at it.. about the only good thing is, at the end of the day i don't have to enter data for the lawn applications i did for the day.. its already done. i would rather a pre-printed invoice, then i can do the comptuer work at the end of the day when i'm not sweatin my ass off... haven't found a way to do that in gopher yet..

i just use a little netbook, its pretty simple.. and if i leave the customer a note i can atleast type it, my handwriting is almost as bad as my grammer.

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I thought about doing that, but then you need a computer/ipad in the truck. I just use a generic 2 part ncr form, then fill in the customer information, work perfomed, pricing, etc. Works great for me and never had an issue. Its a well put together form and has a large section for notes/job specifics. Printing in the truck seems overkill.
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