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Originally Posted by Weekend cut easymoney View Post
My neighbors wife is high up at UT in the building, construction dept at UT...I'll ask her the question...i gotta go take a look on campus, they have got some impressive rainwater recycling there on campus...

I can tell y'all why the construction guys keep hitting stuff...they are too busy watchen the girls...surprised anything gets done down there.
Check out the UT Belo Center, it is some pretty gnarly stuff.

Jim- Totally agree, we always call in for the locate then double check with our own locating equipment. I have a policy that the man on the rock saw must locate all the utilities personally on site to double check the locate company. If it is a large site (cluster) I go and do a locate also. We also ask for any blue prints for the site, and older prints if something was demoed.

Case and point, the picture I sent to you today was a locate on a private propane system for a resort. The company that was hired for the locate missed a leg of the propane line, which we would have trenched right through had we not checked. There were 8 500gal propane tanks linked together, that would have burned for a LONG time.
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