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Originally Posted by turfmd101 View Post
This may be off the general discussion.

If severe droughts occur and normal fertilization continues. I also believe continuing to fertilize with N will definitely cause turf to exhaust energy and become week. I also feel in these situations of drought. The right fertilizer is most important in preventing osmosis of water in the root system by compounding salt in the soil higher than the salt content of the root system. This is droughts biggest issues when considering GOOD or BAD fertilizer quality's. Especially around coastal salt spray areas.
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So if you apply (controlled release fert) , and it doesn't get watered in for several months, this is a bad idea? -- I know of granular fert that can sit there pretty much "forever" until precip happens.

Our lawns turned out looking better, cuz the nutrients were "in place during drought conditions", compared to to others.

Lawns that did not recieve nutrients during late summer "struggled" and looked pale & thin. Not good -- especially going into winter.
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