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Originally Posted by 1idejim View Post
There should be no excuse that a facility the size of UT lack a damage prevention dept.

No work should be sched. without a utility callout and clearance. Same as a one call in public domains.

When not providing locates, infrastructure as-builts and surveys should be performed, maps drawn and logged.

The dept. would also provide inspections.

Contractors should be required to submit pics of their work with each billing.

If everyone works together a more productive experience will be had by all.
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They are working on updating all the maps on campus and working on the communication between departments. From what I hear it has gotten better lately than before. It is just surprising what contractors try to do, but if you have ever driven on campus, tried to unload equipment, or park - you would understand more

Originally Posted by Weekend cut easymoney View Post
My neighbirs wife is high up at UT in the building, construction dept at UT...I'll ask her the question...i gotta go take a look on campus, they have got some impressive rainwater recycling there on campus...

I can tell y'all why the construction guys keep hitting stuff...they are too busy watchen the girls...surprised anything gets done down there.
The new Belo center has a nice rainwater collection area, but only useful if it ever rains.... On a side note, we do have another building that is just being irrigated with FIN water (AC condensation). We have reclaimed water lines throughout the campus and I hope to be able to attach irrigation systems to it within 5 years.
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