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I would suggest talking to a AL Rep for your area, each area has it's own rep find out who or how many LCO's or landscaping companies your competing against. It may not work well in rural area's I don't know? I've talked to several companies that use it and have had much success with it, so I decided to try it last year and I too had good success with it, the clients I got from it were generally high end and ready to hire when they called, and obviously the more and better reviews you have the better quality and number of calls you'll receive. I can just tell you MY results, I do know you had better be set up right, and do high quality work or you will get run off of the site by the customers. I would highly suggest you be legit, although I don't know it's entirely required.I am always up front with customers about the risk of dealing with a non legit person.
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