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Originally Posted by JasonsLawnCare1 View Post
i've lived in georgia and alabama my whole life and never heard of them. i guess they are out there but i've never personally had any experience with them. i lived right outside of atlanta and never heard of them growing up. i mean i don't drive around the whole city of atlanta seeing what all is there. i just stick to my area i live in lol. i never saw an hoa at the georgia dome or anything lol. maybe there is an area here that is an hoa. i just don't know about it. i'm not a member of an hoa and never have been. to me it would just be another neighborhood.

from the sound of it an hoa is something i never wanna deal with.
I live around the ATL and live in one. They are all over the place. No way of really knowing which neighborhoods are HOA unless you research them or hear from another person though.

I got a letter from the HOA letting me know I had a small weed (1-2inches) growing in the crack of my driveway and the next notice I received would be a fine.
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