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Beware Scag Cheetah 31HP Kawasaki, 2nd time in shop.

First let me point out that the dealer I used was great. No problem with them, Kawasaki however, that's another story.

We'll guys to keep this short, you can refer back to my earlier posts regarding this cheetah and it's issues. I put it in the shop the first time because it was using oil, had things here and there adjusted, and a few other routine things done to it to try and find the oil consumption culprit. Unfortunately the adjustments didn't fix the consumption, it still showed oil consumption over the next 20 hours of use. Anyhow, as usual I was checking the oil level one day after about 20-25 hours since the last fresh oil/filter was installed and it was down to HALF LEVEL. I couldn't believe it. So back to the shop for a second time. We'll I just got the mower back this week and the oil consumption tests are coming back indicating that its using a normal amount of oil for that type of engine, which is about a quart a week or 1.5 oz average/hour, if I remember right. Had I known this I wouldn't have bought a Cheetah, period, heck my last mower didn't start using oil until 1300 hrs. At any rate, if you agree with Kawasaki then maybe this type of engine is for you, but if that's a little too much oil consumption, then I agree.

Oh and don't be fooled by "warranty this" and "warranty that" for X amount of years. Its hogwash. Seems to me like when Kawasaki gets a claim they turn it into a normal issue for a certain engine and write it off as something that just happens to that particular engine, kind of like oil consumption. Do a search and ask around, I'm not the only one with this problem with this engine.

Anyhow, this is mainly for you all considering what to buy for this season. Just keep in mind that you might be spending some extra money on oil/gas if you go the kawasaki route.

Have a nice day.
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