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Door hangers are tough because you dont want it to be cluttered but you have a lot of info to communicate.

I agree putting the Early Bird special at the top, that is your motivator over the 4 or 5 other flyers they might get in the first couple weeks of March.

I know its more expensive, but if you have to have all this info, i'd make it two-sided and put the paragraph on the back. I agree that many people will not look at it just because it seems like a lot to read. Think about it, I typically get the mail or door hanger when I get home from work, the last thing I have energy for is reading every credit card offer/sales pitch/and junk that does not change my life and keeps me from my wife and kids. It has got to have a message I can receive at a glance, then when I am interested you can have all the wordy stuff on the back or on your web page or wherever.

Pictures, eh it depends on the pic.

Looking forward to seeing your changes, I already think it looks better than alot Ive seen.

Oh and the paper its printed on is important to, I see so many on regular copy paper or colored copy paper. They look cheap and is thus a reflection on the company.
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