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You will like the tablets and be prepared to make a significant amount more in profits from your service department. We spent the better part of last winter learning HS after using it for 4 years at about 50% of its capability.

I know some people using paper will disagree and I hope they are all my competition

A couple of the service techs lagged and fought us with using HS, but once the others that loved it began to hammer the lack of info entered if forced them to step up. It was so obvious who was working per company policy and not.

Our entire service department doubled in 2 years without adding office staff, we increased profits over 35%, and virtually eliminated the amount of services we had any "real" disputes. Customers will always complain, yet when you can provide an actual work order showing their times to the minute, it really made a difference when it came to customers trying to "negotiate" their bills.

Good luck and if you end up needing a Laptop for a manager or tech that runs Rainbird IQ or TUCOR remote monitoring, use the Verizon 4G MiFi. Excellent internet service with none of the problems found with the built in modems.
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