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CL&T: I'm not even going to bother replying to that ignorance BS you conjured up simply because of the fact that I proved you wrong.

Jrs.Landscaping: Hey, as far as I know its legal down here but I'll double check for ya.

Will: I am paying them AFTER the entire campaign. So far we have 25 people ready for the job and they will be given all the possible outcomes for this and will understand. There is a high chance they will get more sales in the 2nd or 3rd drops to the same houses since its a multi step campaign.

Down here door hangers aren't popular whatsoever. Direct mail and flyers are basically the only forms of direct marketing. Door hangers create maximum exposure and will be read no matter what since they stand out in this area. Direct mail and flyers just get thrown out right away when its seen as an advertisement and at the same time it will cost way more start up money then my budget to distribute and create then door hangers. This is mass direct marketing for this demographic all at the fraction of the price. Like I said I will let you all know how it goes down.

My door hangers are already being shipped as we speak.
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